Gorilla Warfare

Did you catch this feature by Daily Candy earlier this summer? “17 At-Home Hair-Removal Revelations“?

Daily Candy featured fab shaving creams, antiperspirants and hair-removers. Which caught my fancy? Gorilla Warfare by DERMAdoctor, “…Gorilla Warfare works double time to keep you fresh, while it slows hair growth.”

1. How cute is that damn Gorilla? Talk about excellent product design! Caught my eye before all the rest JUST because of the cute ass Gorilla!

2. End of the day…it’s a deodorant. The old school roller ones… does ANYONE use those anymore? In this case it’s OK, because the wetness dries, like a sealant. Works fab as a deodorant, as per slowing down hair growth, I’ll assume that takes time. Hence, this blog will have a follow up if/when I start seeing results.

My pitties are always top of mind for me- not a fan of them at all. Why do we even NEED hair in our armpits? Do you know? I don’t!  Wiki might know>>. Seems like any hair on the body is all about avoiding skin chaffing, skin protection, and keeping the skin dry.

Anything to help slow hair growth gets an A+ in my book and it looks like this precious Gorilla gets an A+ in these books too:

I’ll keep you updated, and look into it! Might be YOUR perfect pitties solution!

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