If I Lived On a Beach

um… YES PLEASE! This little beach buggy is AMAZING: BamBoo Is High-Concept Beach Buggy via Wired Autopia! The BamBoo was designed as a “sun and fun” showcase for new technologies by Rinspeed chief Frank M. Rinderknecht with some help from pop artist James Rizzi, whose exuberant 3-D creations we’ve always liked. The design is where the art stops and the product placement begins, however, as all that tech is marketed by brand name about as subtly as a Chevy ad featuring the entire cast of Glee (LOL). Read more>> Continue reading If I Lived On a Beach

Touch me, touch me

Give me an R, give me an O, give me a C, give me a K, give me a Y!!! What’s that spell? ROCKY! Who doesn’t love Rocky Horror Picture show? Had the opp to see it acted out tonight at the White Plains Performing Arts Center! One of my favorite scenes is “Creature of the Night” and the cast did a great job… a bit choppy due to mics and rolling on the ground and fake dry-humping… Susan Sarandon did it best. While I didn’t get a chance to dress up like my friend Jamie, I still enjoyed the … Continue reading Touch me, touch me