Must Haves

If I Had a Valentine

It’s totally fine that I don’t have a Valentine this year. Really. Mainly because I don’t have the time to nurture a relationship outside of the ones with myself, school, my family, my BFF’s and my TV shows. But, if I had a Valentine, this blog post would be my gift suggestion post. I’d say […]


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Fan of Valentine’s Day or not, I know there are women around the world scratching their heads for good gift ideas for their men. The mushy, lovey-dovey DIY gifts are always great, but does HE appreciate them? Maybe. Maybe not. But what else could he want? Flask? Shoes? Some women may know their men and […]


Santa, Can You Hear Me?

Please just click play on this video. No need to watch, I’d just like it as background music while you continue reading…this song ALWAYS gets me in the holiday mood. It’s that time of year…where you compile the list of your must-haves, and send it to Santa! For the mature– we know you’ll never get what […]