Jenn, Max & Emma

So as much as I can’t deny that I swore JLO & Marc’s twins Emma and Max were going to be butt ugly based on this cover- although it made Max & Emma¬†millionaires (as if they weren’t already), People paid 6Mill for this cover, and the 12 page spread: …I jumped the gun- they have […]


My iPod Flow…is Sick.

Lol look at this RANGE… just moi tweeting #np (now playing) randomly all day Feb 4th on twitter- FYI this is in order, as tweeted: #np @wisinyyandel Tu Cuerpo a Mi Me Provoca #np Calm Before the Storm @falloutboy “…he’s well hung, and I am hanging on….let’s get this party started!!!”¬†#TGIF #np @TheStartingLine “I’m Real” […]