Loved this ad on the train this morning… made me laugh! Here’s an old article in the NYTimes…a little insight into the world of “Daffy’s” what used to be “Daffy Dan’s”, one of the oldest operating discount chains in the Northeast!

They must be doing something right… here’s their “Undressing Room” digital/mobile PR stunt that worked wonders for their consumer base!

THESE print ads were a new approach with their new “agency of record” Kanter International, the Philadelphia-based business and brand building firm. The campaign includes print ads, billboards, “wild postings” and a complete in-store repositioning, all highlighting the “high fashion at low prices” theme, according to Kanter International President Daniel Erlbaum. The campaign will target: the “unabashed fashion seeker,” the stylish youth, and the “consumerist” who is not willing to pay premium prices, but is looking to be a part of the fashion lifestyle, he said. Read more.

Kudos Daffy’s, Kudos.

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