Container Store-in’ It

I’ve been blessed with the honor of sharing a room with my sister all meee life mate- to no avail. No big deal, really, I guess- except for when I started working at Bloomingdales back in ’06 and clothes/shoes became my life… and I started running out of room to put boxes of shoes and accessories. CRAZY.

So every now and then, Summer/Fall cleaning and Spring cleaning I give it go at reorganizing my shared closet- 2 shelves I am entitled to and my top half of the closet.

I’m a bit neurotic at times… so this specific ‘cleaning’ took me to the Container Store.

Just a fun and easy DIY!

I needed bins, bins to organize, belts, from flip flops to scarves and clutches.  So I did just that and also picked up some funky liner for the shelves from Bed Bath & Beyond, I recommend: Con-Tact Brand Grip Prints Non-Adhesive.




ORGANIZED! SUCCESS. and yes… if you must know- those are Crocs.

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