… more commonly known as Juno, from the kids cartoon “Juno Baby”- in scouting brands for The Holiday Lookbook which I used to produce at Shiraz Events, I bumped into this great product which was launching into FAO.

After much back and forth on whether they’d be able to participate- the marketing director  (love love her!) declined but invited me to the fun event at FAO Schwarz- really an event for high profile blogger mommy’s and even P.Diddy’s mom- LOL.

The event was precious, really- in the big piano room with a massive over-sized Juno- the cutest cartoon I’ve seen in a long time.

The gift bag.. included a plush Juno- which I gave to my mom because she found her SO cute. My mom couldn’t ever remember her name and after much deliberation we decided (with her pigtails and hands pointed up) she looked like she was saying YIPPY! …the the J from Juno- she’s now JIPPY! Mom with Jippy:

Ever watched Juno Baby?

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