Feast of Italia

…and by that title to this post I mean the Feast of San Gennaro! Went for the first time this weekend; so fun, ridiculously cluttered, but saw everything I HAD to see to get a full grasp of this festival. Everything from horrible slushy “alcoholic” (maybe-not) drinks and AH MAY ZING food, to italian juiceheads (HOT) with their wives and kids, and tons of NYPD flirting with girls and NOT patrolling the streets- or is it one in the same? For those who don’t know:

“… The Feast of San Gennaro, New York City’s longest-running, biggest and most revered religious outdoor festival in the United States is held on the streets of historic Little Italy, the lower Manhattan neighborhood which served as the first home in America for hundreds of thousands of Italian immigrants who came here seeking to improve their lives beginning in the early part of the 20th century.”

Here’s a quick walk-through of my day:


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