Andrea Bocelli

What an amazing day/night in Boston! Mom and I drove out for the 8PM show at the TD Garden! Wonder why we took drive? Part of Andrea Bocelli‘s tour included 3 east coast shows: MSG in NYC, Prudential Center in New Jersey and TD Center in Boston. All of which were sold out except the TD Center; so we took the drive, why not!?

I got to walk through the Quincy Market, and see it lit up for the holidays… absolutely beautiful!

The TD Garden is a great arena, much like MSG in that it’s part of a huge train station. I wouldn’t say it was the best arena to see Andrea perform, because he’s an opera singer, and needs a venue like Carnegie hall; he shined either way though…phenomenal show!

He even performed his classics, which brought us to tears to say the least… as well as ballads from his new Christmas album, “My Christmas“.

Brava, Andrea!

Also had a chance to see the Boston Towers… the ‘New England Holocaust Memorial‘ in Boston. Incredible to see at night… there are built in fog machines, emulating the gas chambers, and the glass towers are engraved with millions of numbers, the number tattooed on every individual.

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