Resolutions, Shmemolutions

Everyone’s already talking about freakin’ 2011 resolutions? Like.. can I start Christmas shopping? Christ! I don’t like referring to New Years resolutions, as “resolutions” because for me it makes the goal too concrete, like, if you don’t complete by the 31st of the end of that year… you are a complete and utter failure.

So, my solution? Set GOALS for myself before the end of the year, and choose deadlines for myself within the new year… as I see fit/going along.

For example, I am obese. Whether you want to believe it or not (for those that know me)… I am numerically obese, and physically/to the eye… overweight. Before setting the goal that you’ll read about below, I will quickly preface that this movement of mine was brought on by my mother, who by the grace of god loves me and couldn’t see me going down this road. We started Medifast on Dec. 2nd.

I’m going to do something bold here… just because I’m proud of how well I’m doing already: back in November I was anticipating some photos from the first panel I had ever spoken on, Building Bridges. Much to my surprise, they had already been posted but not tagged… and thank the lord for that. The couple of photos of me were… horrendous, to say the LEAST. Here is the photo that has inspired me to weigh 165 lbs by my birthday June12th, 2010.

Feel free to call me…Betsy, the COW!

However, this blog is not about my losing weight, so I won’t be updating daily with my weight loss numbers, but I will bring up milestones and any exciting/shitshow-ish happenings that are helping me get there. Such as BIKRAM yoga, Zumba, perhaps personal training, or even joining the over-priced NYSC.

Amongst my other goals is to experience as much as I can in #2011, like learning how to play the guitar and finally taking singing lessons.

Stay tuned kids.


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