Losing it

I lost 74 pounds once.

I’m a Natural…Boxer

I’m a natural at lots of things, i.e talking/socializing, tweeting/blogging, making people laugh, sarcasm, persuasion, organization etc., but who’d-a thought I’d be good at boxing? Turns out I’m pretty angry and strong, and decent with the 1- 2- 1- 2- attack-attack! A lovely coworker recommended I go with her to check out this boxing/MMA gym […]


Do the Detox

Thanks to a debilitating need for Sun-day drinking November-January (football season) I sadly fell off my weight loss wagon and gained 5-7 lbs. Enough is enough. I will finish this weight loss, and be the fit superwoman I want to be. Screw all these p90 vows, and the beer binge day-drinking crap… it is on. […]


Mr. and Mrs. P90X

Hi, my name is Alex and I’m beginning a 90-day (torturous) journey. Please see the life “event” details below: WHO: Minus 65lb Suaz (since Nov. ’10) WHAT: P90X, rather …“Superman…Banana” and “Airborne Heisman” depending on the day, just to name a couple. WHERE: my living room “gym” WHEN: everyday for 90 days, starting today. WHY?: […]


One Resolution

…and one resolution only. Another year come and gone and what did you do? While I don’t normally DO much from year to year, it doesn’t help to set yourself up for failure if you do set hard core “resolutions.” Last year I explained, “I don’t like referring to New Years resolutions, as “resolutions” because it […]


#TakeTheGymBack is Catching

I caught up with Ms Lulu Jaxon who decided last weekend to #takethegymback with @Feed_MEE, @AlbertBorelli and myself, instead of packing on the holiday pounds. While she’s not in the complete swing of things, she’s on the right track! Guest Blog: @lulujaxon Hey y’all! So I went ahead and joined the #TakeBackTheGym movement and at the end of […]