Not So New Years…

Tomorrow will be a weird day for me, as a year from tomorrow was the last time I saw my grandfather.  I went to visit him at the hospital, and brought him a light up Santa hat, on my way down to the airport; I spent New Years 2010 on a plane to Florence Italy.

Every time I think about that night, and how I kissed him on the head, I wonder if he knew that was the last time he’d see me. He passed away January 8th, 2010, and my family, especially my mom, have never been the same since.

I found out while I was down in the south of Italy in Naples, at a hostel with my friends…@lulujaxon. My mom actually told me to stay because that’s what he’d want… she was crazy, actually. I flew home in time for the last day of the wake, and then for the funeral. First time anyone close to me has passed away, what a strange experience to say the least.  I don’t want to reminisce much…

But will end on this note, that I will always love him like the father I never had, with all the love in my heart. I still cry at the thought of my mother’s sadness to have lost him, her father.

Back when I was about 3 –













Just his ladies…









See more photos of my family>>

Here’s a video, to catch a glimpse of this gentle man, an angel on earth with an incomparable will to live and a heart full of love and humility (via my uncle Tom Tavar).

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  1. Rosemary

    What a beautiful tribute to my father – you have his heart and sense of humor. Thank you for loving him so much. And of course I’m in tears…should have read this at home!!

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