To Elliptical or Treadmill?

The gym comeback! 4 months, maybe more, with a membership to Planet Fitness, and to no avail. Have yet to go. I’m going to start this week again, since I have all my “gear” and I started Yoga…. it should be a great contrast. Again, I am concerned that I’ll die before I sweat nearly as much as I do at Yoga… but we’ll see.

The question stands though…elliptical or treadmill? I personally, hate running. My feet always hurt after a while… my toes too and calves. Maybe I don’t run right? Who knows… elliptical usually seems a bit ‘easier’ and involves more movement.

Anyway, I had to back up my conclusion, so without further adieu… a quick comparison via

“When you compare treadmills to elliptical trainers, you can’t help but notice that the elliptical trainer offers an impact-free workout. With the elliptical, there is no impact on the ground, which may appeal to people who need a gentler workout because of joint problems or pain. The treadmill offers more impact, which helps strengthen the bones.

…That being said, if you are looking for a quality cardiovascular workout with the maximum amount of efficiency, the elliptical is an excellent choice.” Read more>>

I’m convinced! To elliptical it is!

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