New Years’ Dilemmas

This was the first year I’ve decided to “celebrate” new years! What started as a silly idea to ‘party hard’ in NYC, quickly turned into a quiet night at my friends house.

The “YEAR TO CELEBRATE” all started with a pair of Alejandro Ingelmo that I saw at Neiman Marcus Last Call, that I didn’t buy when I first saw them. It was meant to be when my mom went back to Woodbury Commons a couple days before New Years, and I had her buy them for me because I HAD to wear them for New Years.

It also happened to be that I bought a great costume silver/gold necklace at Shecky’s Holiday Night Out, that would match perfectly, (I must have bought it subconsciously knowing I’d get the shoes!)

Since my night went from party to lax, I didn’t wear the shoes at all. After all the drama of posting on “What to Wear” asking the Glamour stylists to figure out what dress to match the shoes, and trying to find a dress on my own (the final choice being this one.. which RAN SMALL and I had to give to my sister):

Plastic Island, on

…turned into a simple LBD (already in my closet) with flats, and the necklace as the main accent of my outfit that night.

I did look very pretty though, if I do say so myself:

…I also wore some serious bling, and my mani… only the most glitter possible: the new line by OPI inspired by Cher and Christina Aguilara’s BURLESQUE!

Even worse: I’m returning the shoes tomorrow, mainly because they’re actually too big on me, my feet have shrunken.

Drama, drama, drama. Nonetheless I had a great time at Ashley’s, we played Catch Phrase, watched the ball drop, and continued playing Catch Phrase. Which, if I may, is quite the competitive game!

My lightup champ flute:

The ladies and I….

…hat must have been heavy. LOL don’t know why I’m tilting over!

Putting NYC Snow to good use!

Happy 2011 kids!

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