Today on the Train: Jelly Flats

Are Jelly Flats really actually back? Did they ever go anywhere? OR was this just a total mirage on the train this morning? I can only remember fiending for this style of jellies years ago because they were THE COOLEST in Middle School. But flats? I mean, am I missing it? Do I need a pair to […]


Leave Taylor Swift ALONE

I’m having such a Chris Crocker “Leave Britney Alone” moment right now and I don’t even care. Why does everyone care so damn much about Taylor Swifts’ love life, or lack there of? She’s a young, beautiful, singer, artist, performer and her personal life should be totally personal. Leave her alone. I mean…really Glamour? “We […]


Fitness with Jamie

Kicking the month off right to reach my March 1 goal, I went to the gym with 2 long-time HS friends, Jamie and Steph! Here we are: Jamie has lost a ton of weight on a 12 step program and has reached her goals more recently and Steph and I (on Medifast) are really just getting […]