To Twilight or Not?

So… while I do conform to many trends like Uggs, Longchamp bags and more… the Twilight Saga was not something I really caught up with when everyone was avidly reading the story of Bella and her 2-way with a hot vampire and werewolf. I mean jesus, how non-realisitc…a girl is emotionally crazy over 2 guys that can’t live without her? What worlddddd is that?

Not into the whole vampire thing either, they actually freak me out. It all does. But then I watched the movie, and the second one, and started to understand the pull to the story. It’s the love, the love that people envy, the “Can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of love, ” (It Takes Two).

So I’ve recently debated getting into it. Cliche’s aside, I think it’s probably a really great, heart-wrenching love story. I might just start reading these books! God help you all if I like, because I won’t shut up about it.

I’ll keep you updated, I think it’s going to be one of my 2011 goals!

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