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Mindy & Me: Level of Fame

I’m totally sucking at uploading these during peak social media time (for views and engagement, duh) but I keep forgetting the book at home to reference for the post! Putting it in my bag as soon as I finish this so I can upload Day 3 tomorrow around noon!  Did you read Day 1? All […]


Mindy & Me: Duante Diallo

As promised, today kicks off my week of “Mindy & Me”, a collection of concerns/happenings that Mindy Kaling and I have in common based on her book, “Is Everyone Handing Out Without Me (and other concerns)“. (I secretly hope she reads one of these, and/or any other posts on my blog, so she can see how […]


The One Thing E.L. James Did Right

Just finished the much acclaimed, and criticized, Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James. Did I love it? The story? Of course I did. Did I think a lot of it was silly writing and difficult to continue reading? Yes. But anyone as hopelessly romantic as myself, would love it and quite easily be absorbed and […]


Mook Review: Savages

Originally posted on mookology.:
Savages – Novel by Don Winslow via I picked up Savages after it was recommended to me by a friend in light of the upcoming movie.  I’d never read any of Don Winslow’s work but, after putting down Savages, I was truly able to appreciate the brilliance and intelligence of his writing.  Winslow does…