Red-Boots Feeling

Ever seen All About Steve with Sandra Bullock? If not, you probably won’t understand the posts title reference.


In the movie Sandra (Mary Magdalene Horowitz), wears said red patent leather boots, and it isn’t until the climax of the movie where Mary thinks she may die in her predicament, that we learn why she wears them:

Mary Horowitz: Mary, why do you wear those stupid red boots all the time? You wanna know why? Because it makes my toes feel like 10 friends on a camping trip, that’s why.

Know what will make your toes feel the same way but in not such a tacky way? These amazing American Eagle socks:

They are mens (it’s ok ladies!), “Marbled” socks- they come in 2 packs and over the holidays were even cheaper than the clearance price listed here. My sister and I got like 2 of each set!

Keep your feet super warm, and they are super durable!! Must- buy, really– 100% camping trip for your toes during these never-ending snow storms-

Let me know what you think if you buy them!!

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