Menswear and Things

In case you need ideas for your Christmas list, it doesn’t hurt to look to the opposite sex for some inspiration. compiled this list in 2015 and I’ve always kept it top of mind when I’m in a Kohl’s or Target. You just can’t go wrong with men’s v-neck white tees, white button-downs, and super grande sweatpants …because, well, I don’t have a boyfriend to steal them from and they really are soooo comfortable.

Other items on the list include:

  • Boxer briefs (ehhh)
  • Cologne?
  • Wallets
  • Sweatpants (obviously)
  • Deodorant (probably not a bad idea)
  • Socks (yassss)
  • Sweaters
  • Body wash
  • Pajama pants (same as sweatpants, obviously)
  • Razors
  • Sweatshirts (yes, please)

I’m not sure about Boxer briefs – I wouldn’t mind trying them but I’m not sure how comfortable they’d actually be; maybe I’ll try these and recap on a LIVE wine night.

Pass on cologne. I don’t think I want to smell like a man?! I’ve approached the “smell of man” differently…by buying candles that smell like man. That’s enough for me.

Wallets – probably a good idea. Helps limit the amount of crap you could possibly hoard in your lady wallet… something I do too often. Why do I need my Blood Donor card in my wallet? Why do I need all those punch cards in my wallet? WHY? I never remember to actually use them so what’s the point?

Sweatpants, pajama pants, sweatshirts, sweaters: all very good ideas.

Deodorant is probably a good idea although I’m not sure about the body wash. I love my Dove body wash, but I’m really not sure I want to ever smell like a man. Smelling and snuggling with the scent of a man is a totally different story.

Razors: I believe this – they probably are better. Anyone actually shave their face like Caroline from RHONJ? Because a man’s razor is probably best in that case.

Lastly, socks: yes, all day long. If you need a recommendation, I’ve always sworn by American Eagle’s men’s boot socks because the are life.

Ya heard, Santa?


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