Not a fan- primarily because of a scare when I was younger- a stupid friend who had a gun at home, and took it out “jokingly”- I was not happy, at all. Pretty scared actually, shaking in my panties- since then, I’ve been graced with knowing several cops and correctional officers- who are always “strapped”. It freaks me out-

So what did I decide? Well, while compiling my list of things to do this year, I added- “learn how to shoot a gun” – check it out on my widget bar to the right… scroll down. And… if this isn’t a sign that I have to do it, I don’t know what is- a friend shared this deal on Living Social today- “Shooting Lesson with Target and Ammo” at the Westside Rifle & Pistol Range– DEF buying this- & I’ll let you know all about it after!


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