100 Facts About Me

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1. I sneeze like such a girl.
2. My contacts lenses hate me.
3. I wish I could sleep all day just once a week.
4. I can’t stay still for too long.
5. I get bored of things very easily, Gemini much?
6. I want a tattoo but want to stay the “girl without one”.
7. I’ve lost 50lbs.
8. I just started eating egg whites… and they’re really good, filling and only 15 cals per egg white.
9. I love social media- don’t know what I’d do without it.
10. I’m a pretty awesome writer.
11.  I want to try everything at least once, maybe not EVERYTHING, but a lot.
12.  Losing the last 30 lbs is going to be really hard for me.
13.  I’ve never had my own room, or privacy.
14.  I love milk.  Skim milk.
15.  I love show tunes, and GLEE.
16.  I want to be someone that everyone knows.
17.  I can’t go to sleep until I’ve checked for myself that the top and bottom lock of the door are locked.
18.  I drive like a man.
19.  I run like a girl.
20.  I hate to sweat, but with all this working out, I’m trying to get used to it, to no avail just yet.
21.  One of my feet looks like my moms while the other looks like my dads.
22.  I stack my bras like they do at Victoria Secret on the tables- I’m a bra whore.
23.  I still live at home.
24.  I’m happy all the time.
25.  I’m a great friend.
26.  I love to make people smile and laugh.
27.  I love to text.
28.  I love to talk.
29.  I have an oral fixation, and probably a bit OCD.
30.  I’m a closet hoarder.
31.   I love sports.
32.  Me being “boy crazy” is an understatement.
33.  I can be a drama queen.
34.  I love school, learning and being challenged.
35.  I don’t know what I’m going to do for the rest of my life…
36.  I’m a bit bossy.
37.  I read the Twilight Saga, loved it.
38.  I want a love like Bella and Edward.
39.  I can be quite lazy for how much energy I seem to have.
40. My arms are weak compared to my leg strength.
41.  I love “Off the Map”
42.  I love the Jersey Shore.
43.  I want to be Kim Kardashian, or one of her sisters, or just part of her family.
44.  I can be quite shy for how social I am.
45.  I’m a good girl, wifey material.
46.  I have a lot of shoes, but not enough?
47.  I want a relationship- but at the same time I don’t?
48.  I’m a cry baby, friends call me marshmellow.
49.  I’m tired of my nickname “Alex”- I’m going to start going by Alexa.
50.  I’m dying to find my Rhett or Heathcliff.
51.  Diet Coke is my crack, my only vice.
52. I carry far too much crap in my bag-
53.  I can be a bag lady at times.
54.  I wouldn’t mind having a southern accent.
55.  I want to be in love, I think.
56.  Yes I blog, and it’s fantastic.
57.  I want to move to NYC.
58.  I want a football player.
59.  I’m a Westchester Girl.
60.  I’d love to be as successful as Loren Ridinger.
61.  I want to be Italian.
62.  I want to marry into an Italian family.
63.  I can’t sleep in hot temps- fan always on, windows open.
64.  I have varicose veins in my legs that I WILL be removing this year.
65.  I love playing volleyball
66.  I love Katy Perry, she’s beautiful, esp in “Firework”
67.  I think Britney Spears is the shit.
68.  I don’t eat fish- or red meat.
69.  I love chicken!
70.  I might be atheist, but I’m not sure.
71.  I wrote a letter to #MIGHTYMAX
72.  Angry people upset me.
73.  I’m a Firework.
74.  I wear as much color as I can, even if I’m wearing primarily black.
75.  I have a gap between my 2 front teeth. #Madonna
76.  I keep everything I’ve ever created. #hoarder
77.  I have a list of baby names for my future kids.
78.  I drive a Jeep Liberty.
79.  I want a 7or 8 series BMW.
80.  I wouldn’t mind having a driver in the future.
81.  You can’t read my pokerface.
82.  I’d love to go crazy for a weekend in Vegas.
83.  I didn’t think writing 100 facts about myself would be this difficult.
84.  I’m really loud.
85.  I think I can sing.
86.  I want to buy a guitar, and learn how to play it.
87.  I want to learn how to ride a horse!
88.  Dying for a hot vaca soon.
89.  I’m Dominican American.
90.  I believe in characteristics of astrological signs, but nothing more.
91.  I’d love to be a Girl Scout leader!
92.  I dream that love will never die.
93.  I love @starbucks and Foursquare.
94.  I’m #teamblackberry, but might sadly make the change over to #teamiphone, #teamdroid #teamhtc soon.
95.  Sometimes I wish there were more tall people in the world.
96.  I’ll stand by you.
97.  I love Aventura. #Bachata
98.  I’d love to go back to Italy for a long stay.
99.  I crack my neck all the time when it’s stiff, and it’s SO loud.
100. I was born with a tumor in my right lung, and have the battle scars to prove it!

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