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Five People You Meet on Instagram, plus 1

God I love Betches Love This. These Betches know their shiz. They’re funny and so so right about everything. Take for instance their latest post, The Five People You Meet on Instagram. Great review of all the annoying instagrammers that make your eyes roll as you scroll through your feed. You should probably unfollow them […]


The Tebow Effect

You know you’ve done something BIG when you have more than one hashtag in the top US twitter trends on any given day. Yes, I’m talking about the announcement of Tebow’s waive from the Jets this AM. 4 out of 10 trending in the US?! That’s news folks, that’s news. It’s safe to say that with […]


Southern Comfort Made a Woopsie

This community manager is either: A. NOT drinking responsibly B. Too comfortable C. Not familiar with the grammatical importance of differentiating your and you’re D. Ready for the weekend and doesn’t give one single… fcuk. Really though SoCo social team?! I’m a big fan and although currently sober, I wouldn’t expect you to botch up that […]


The Commandments of Social Media

Too often I find myself auditing start-ups’  social media channels and “strategy,” or lack-there-of, and wanting to pull my hair out. To the handicapped in social media marketing, these are very simple “rules” you need to follow that will help organically grow a loyal fan base. “Managing a brand’s social media presence is a tricky balancing […]


SMW 2013: The Agile Consumer

SMW (Social Media Week) NYC is always a great week for people like me to learn from industry professionals about everything I love to do. Also great for those curious about the industry to learn more. From success stories cross-industry to crises, research and day-to-day community management best practices, the panels are a great way to […]