Bronx Zoo Cobra

I’ve been watching this unfold since around 5:30PM, when the twitter account @BronxZoosCobra only had 6k followers- the account is approaching 19k within 6 hours- I’m anticipating serious fun out of this, similar to the Sheen twitter frenzy and I’m SO excited.

Who to follow?

@BronxZoosCobra #snakeonthetown #cobravenom

@BronxZooKeeper = trying to find the cobra

@BrnxZooMongoose, @BronxZooHBadger (#badgeronthehunt)= helping the Zoo Keeper.

Don’t forget to also like the supporting page on FB>>

Wait until this unfolds, reaches its potential= AWESOME… I love the power of Social Media- time is flying by I can watch this ALL night.


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