Vivid Lips

Love, love love this story this past week on WHO WHAT WEAR re VIVD LIPS- read more>>

I was on a ridiculous hunt last summer for the right, bright, VIVID pink for my lips. I ended finding two, by Revlon, late summer. So this will def be my color this summer, and I’m SO EXCITED! What do you think?

The colors are similar- but one is slightly brighter which is what really makes it POP when applied together! I also chose to go with the Creme versions of the lipsticks because I cannot stand sticky lipstick that fades! Try them out:

– Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick CREME 575, Love That Pink

– Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick CREME 590, Lilac Champagne

Have fun finding your Vivid Lip color!!

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