Kim K Curls

So, if you don’t already know- I’m a huge Kim K fan, see more on just my blog>>– forget how much I @mention her on Twitter/FB. She’s my inspiration in a couple different departments-

1. She has a great body- forget the downstairs- that I won’t achieve without implants- but a nice fit tummy (not overly ripped), arms and legs- so she’s partly inspiring my weightloss.

2. Her long beautiful hair- which I know in part to hair extensions, stylists and her Armenian decent- but I will grow my hair like hers-

3. Hair long enough to achieve her loose curls look-

I’ve searched high & low for tutorials on how to curl hair the correct way- for some reason, no matter the straighter- I can never get them to stick. So I stumbled upon this video today, via Youtuber MoonBeamShimmerBlitz– GREAT video- I finally think I get it- and it is in part to the curling iron!

She highlights the amika clipless curling iron, here it is in purple, on Sephora:

Now, I just need the length to make it look as amazing- check out MoonBeam’s video- and stay tuned for my own haul on this iron and achieving my own Kim K curls!!


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