Closing the Bakery

First time I’ve gotten good “full body” photos to compare to this “benchmark” photo…the one that changed my life. Arrows on benchmark show at least 3 visible “rolls” I used to keep in the bakery- which as you can see, as of 4/29, are gone.

Not completely of course- I’m not solid- but whatever is left on this shelf… won’t sell at a bakery baby! I’ve been keeping things on the VERY low. I’ve never been, and won’t be that girl that is OK flaunting herself in photos, and or talking about herself. I know- it may sound ironic- as I know there are people who assume differently because of my personality. But really- I’ve actually made my loved ones angry when they compliment me- because I just don’t want to talk about it.

This has never been a “quick-fix” since the beginning. I’m trying to change my life- and it’s going to take time and I’m ok with that- but I’m not the used-to-be-fat-girl that’s going to weigh herself everyday, and talk about it everyday.

Anyway, just wanted to compare the photos- because people do keep asking; and unfortunately I don’t have many photos that reflect my weight back in December but this one.

“I’m no beauty queen…. I’m just beautiful meee…” – Selena Gomez 

Just a little inspiration: watch Selena & The Scene’s “Who Says”>>


  1. Melissa Quezada

    I think going public is a great way to gain support and also take ownership of a goal that isn’t always easy.

    But don’t you think you too have gone public by dedicating a section to it on your blog.

    I feel people need to do what feels right to them. For some it works going the quieter route and others need the route with the fans either cheering and or booing it fuels them… #winning 😉

    1. Alexandra Suazo

      I have “gone public” for sure- and I’m taking ownership of the goal, buttttt I think this is the first time I’m doing this for myself- and cheering/booing doesn’t really matter to me :)- which trust me, I never thought I’d see the day I said that. The only thing I’m really holding back is numbers, lbs- but if people are interested- I drop subtle hints about it here and there :)! Thanks for the support Meli!! xo

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