Black Coffee

um- so part of the 8 Week Challenge I’m starting to finish off my weight loss, which  I’ll be telling you about in a post tomorrow-ish, includes reassessing my diet just a little bit, adding and subtracting things.

One thing we’re subtracting? Milk & sugar that would respectively go in my iced coffee. Which I don’t have everyday- and have only a splash of skim with a couple splenda. This black coffee situation is gross gross gross AND I’m going to have to invest in Crest White Strips (LOL). My new trainer said I’ll get used to it… we’ll see.

Stay tuned for the 8 Week Challenge deets, just exactly who my “new trainer” is and my workout schedule.


  1. FatGirlUSA

    I cannot do it… drink black coffee that is! Diet or no diet I must lighten it up a bit and add some diet sugar. But you go girl! You are stronger than I!

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