Fall Faves

Just me or is it really really, already Fall? Weather has done a complete 180°. Down quilt is out, snuggling in a hoodie, sweats and crochet fleece slippers last night– NOT OK. This is how people get SICK mother nature!

While I make heads or tails of what to wear, I’ve stumbled on some classic pieces that are ready to debut this Fall, belong in my closet and I’ve been itching to share.

Head to toe

Versatile Milly Blazer: Cannot do without. Love the color too, perfect with a dark ensamble for contrast, or white– as modeled below. It’s got a little edge, but business casual worthy as well.

Classic Gap Jeans: Not the biggest fan of the wide leg, but LOVE the high-waist and center pintuck. Make-my-legs-look-longer certified and by the looks of the description on Gap they are light weight (breathe of fresh air!)… last pair of wide legged trousers I bought were of the thickest worst denim ever.

Tudor Esque Flats: Love love these. Perfect transitional shoes, for those days where you need to plan for dinner or a night out after work. To me they embody Lady Gaga and the Elizabethan era:

Fall Handbags: I’m not a fan of all… as it should be. The array is for all the different ladies out there, that love different styles. Check out my faves, they’re lime-green-hearted.

And for those that need more of an authoritative Fall Fashion Report, here it is straight from trendy NYC designers on DailyCandy.

What styles are you in LOVE with?

Inspiration Kudos | @DailyCandy @WhoWhatWear @Bloomingdales


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