#Back2Football or #FNO

With the NFL season AND the worldwide fashion extravaganza “Fashion’s Night Out” kicking off the same day, I can’t help but wonder which will rule the twitterverse today.

You’d think it would be very divided right? Because boys will be boys and girls will be girls:

BUT lots of girls LOVE their football, and lots of guys LOVE their fashion.

So the question stands, who will tweet more about what they love? Do people tweet more while they’re actually DOING something, or while they’re home watching something? Or are they bandwagon fans tweeting about anything?

Keeping the twitter survey size to the United States trending topics, I think it may be a close match for a couple reasons,

Target audiences: FNO and Fashion Week is about young, hip, trendy, social savvy PR girls that are definitely mostly all on twitter, while the NFL is comprised of a much wider audience — older followers (men maybe between 35-45)that may still be stuck on Facebook.

Check-ins: I think more fans check-in via Foursquare than Get Glue (for shows…GAMES.) That audience of tweeting young women will be sharing tagged (#FNO) check-ins to Twitter at every store they can get their little paws into.

NFL fans may just be home watching the game (Saints vs. Packers) and checking in on their fantasy team. Unless they’re watching the game at a bar- in which they may check-in, or at home where twitter could be their companion… BUT are they on Twitter?

– Both are more than just a “kick-off” which makes them both equally exciting for fans. NFL is launching a new season and FNO is launching Fashion Week. Which conversation will last longer? Probably NFL, but I’m solely analyzing trending on kick-off- in which FNO has fair play on the field.

As of 11:42AM today: “FASHION NIGHT OUT” is #9 TT, while NFL has “#NFLMobile” promoted (not genuinely trending). Looks like they’re trying for #Back2Football but not for the day of kick-off but tomorrow. FNO may just do the do today!

What do YOU think? 

Drop a comment “Reply” below if you answer “Other“.
I’d love to get your opinion!

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