‘Hip’ Structured Fashion Trend

Ever since I stopped working at Bloomingdales (going on two years now,) as well as my NYC fashion-forward job at a boutique event company, it’s been harder for me to keep up with fashion because I’m just not IN that world anymore.

Anywho, I make sure to stay on top of it all as much as possible, by keeping up/blogging with online magazines like Marie Claire, DailyCandy, Who What Wear, as well as department stores like Bloomies, and of course Fashion Week.

One trend I’ve seen several times over now is this protruding, structured hip design. Check it out on Emma Stone and SJP.

I kind of love it. Much better styling on SJP of course, the BOLD magenta and red is fantastic. I’m thinking the style isn’t flattering on all body types though, as the structure at the hip would over-accentuate an apple shaped woman, for example. My hip-less self may just give it a shot!

What do YOU think? Vote below:

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