Drive Me to the (near) Future

We all know that Google is just the big fat monster on the block. The strategic bully, enabling the masses to further shut down all the competition. We can all attest to the recent #NewFacebook attempt at matching Google+’s “huddles”/ Twitter’s real-time feed as proof of the intensity/exchange of power. This back and forth of social networks is unbearable to the users. Would you agree?

This guy does:

Anyway, as if they don’t run the world and our lives enough already- check out this technology via Google, “The Google Prediction API”. Saw this back in August on Wired Autopia (awesome car blog BTW, on Wired, for those interested,) and I was just floored, honestly.

While they (@Ford, @Toyota & Greentech Media) are selling the API as a way to increase the mileage of plug-in hybrids by leveraging data gathered from your driving habits, it just sounds like another way to slowing introduce a “more convenient” way to drive. It would grow to be implemented in all cars… which in turn would slowly become a way to predict where you’re going, reading your mind etc. How much more lazy can we all really get? Are we going to lose the power of our own minds completely? Here’s a snapshot of how it would work:

I’ll stop rambling, but think about it for a moment, and comment on this post with analysis/point of view on the technology.

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