MY Vow to Victoria’s Secret

My love for Victoria Secret is to the ends of this earth.

I don’t wear any other undies or bras, or even loungewear….VS I am yours, always.

My obsession, or well… loyalty, started in mid-HS, when I would bus it to the mall. Nothing seemed more appealing to me than the 5 for $25 deal, (now 5 for $26!)

You’re probably asking… well how about the bras, they are pretty overpriced… let’s just say “I’ve never been one for the preservation of money…” and I had a pretty awesome income (for a 16 yo) from lifeguarding in the summer (10 hrs a day/6-7 days a week.) Long story short, I now own way too many VS bras and underwear… and on any given weekend, you’ll be sure to find me in VS PINK loungewear. I just can’t get enough… and at this point, to find a better bra for me sounds far too time consuming.

But…it’s actually more than that… because this is LOYALTY, VS… I’m not going anywhere. I love the feeling of walking in the store, I love the bags and pink tissue paper, I love the color PINK, I love VS PINK, I love the coupons, I love the Angel Rewards, I love the catalogs, and I love, love love, the ANGELS; especially Alessandra, mainly because she’s italian, but also because we share a first name and because she’s italian…she gets to spell it with 2 s’s.

I mean really…

I die to go to the VS Fashion Show…

I love to rant and rave about my VS at any opp… and I just had to show love for the new VSX Sexy Sport line… a natural progression for the brand, I think.

While I haven’t bought anything just yet, I’m sure the workout gear won’t disappoint. For months, I’ve been looking for a better sports bra and pants, I can almost guarantee you… this line IS exactly what I’ve been looking for! Here are some of the styles… I am obsessed with all four bras below.

Cannot wait to order a few things from the line via catalog, on my Angel’s CC, yes…of course, I have an Angel’s CC.

What do you think?

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