Mr. and Mrs. P90X

Hi, my name is Alex and I’m beginning a 90-day (torturous) journey. Please see the life “event” details below:

WHO: Minus 65lb Suaz (since Nov. ’10)

WHAT: P90X, rather …“Superman…Banana” and “Airborne Heisman” depending on the day, just to name a couple.

WHERE: my living room “gym”

WHEN: everyday for 90 days, starting today.

WHY?: So, I’m car-less for a while… and while my driving to the gym can take a backseat…working out cannot. So I figured P90X, when done per the program reqs, definitely works, I tried to find the most natural looking progression of some chic:


So why not try it? I’m doing the “Lean” program- not the “Classic” (get swole) or the “Doubles” (because I’m not trying to die.)

I tested a couple video’s last week, and I think it’s an awesome work out- most are total body, which is exactly what you need to do, at least 3x a week… scratch that! On P90…. SIX days a week, 1 day off.

So here goes, the big I DO, to p90, till’ the rest of these 20lbs do us part. I am done with almost being done… I want to be where I want to be by my birthday THIS TIME, for real. No ifs, ands, or butts!

Suaz Through the Weight Loss
2010 to 2011, Celebrating NYE . Fat & Skinny Jeans! . Not-So Minus 94


  1. savor the sweet life

    Good luck! My boyfriend and I love P90x workouts. They are still so benefical even if you can’t get time to work out 6 days a week. We love the results (not just body wise…its really helped our overall fitness level!)

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