Just Because

It’s that time of year again…creeping up on the calendar, in store windows, in commercials, in the plans of sweet romantic couples, and primarily… MY GMAIL INBOX.

If I get one more email… I swear.

Look, I’m all about love. Quite honestly I’m a hopeless romantic to the nonsensical power… BUT I’m also a believer in that we don’t need ONE day a year to show anyone (lovers/ Mother’s/Father’s etc,) that we appreciate him or her! Buy your woman flowers any day… just because! Surprise the hubs with a bottle of his fave whiskey JUST BECAUSE. We don’t do enough “Just Because’s” these days, let’s change that.

Do something this week for someone, just because. Bet you anything you’ll feel great… for yourself, and for how happy you’ve made that person. You’ll be surprised how good it feels to make someone feel special.

Send a card, an email, a corny ecard, buy them a drink, bring them a flower (or a bouquet,) dinner, a movie, a hug, a $5 teddy bear, the list of inexpensive sweet things you can do for someone is endless.

Whether you have a Valentine’s or not, do something for someone #justbecause and pay it forward by telling your friends!

I just had an amazing idea for my next #justbecause… stay tuned!

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