Easy Breezy Spring Transitions

Spring is around the corner, and before you know it you’ll be putting away all your winter stuff that you barely wore this season.

While I’m not ready to think about it, I can’t help but keep my fashion goggles on and share my spots. Like in midtown back in September… I think this combo is timeless especially for my 9-5 ladies is the corporate world.

Yes, yes, I’m a creep, and had we not been crossing the street I would have given this girl props. Her classic and clean go-to dress is a must-have, and she gave it some flair with a yellow skinny belt.

Have similar, simple ideas? I did something like this last season too:

Before considering Saturday brunch pieces, your closet should be full of simple mix-n-matches like these!

Here are some other Spring thought starters I stumbled on:

1. LOVE this skirt! #streetstyle duringLondon Fashion Week via @MarieClaire
2. herlongwayhome.wordpress.com

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