Disgruntled MNR Commuter

Dear Metro-North Railroad,

On behalf of the hundreds of disgruntled, LATE-for-work, and tired MNR commuters, please don’t ever completely cancel a rush hour express train again…you must be completely out of your minds, you inconsiderate fools!

The train I’m referring to is the Hudson line, in-bound 7:44 this AM (from DbsF) which was cancelled for reasons passengers were not made privy to, further making the 7:49AM local a ride from HELL; packed, frustrating, and slower than ever.

While you’re staffing those trains (that you’re NOT going to ever cancel again,) please also be sure to have the most considerate and happy MNR employees you can find on-board. Why? Well because you’ve made your monthly services quiet expensive and commuters expect nothing less. Also because when you ask me to “make room for fellow passengers” and I comply by moving my bag (with wallet AND monthly pass in it by accident) to the overhead rack, I do not want to be asked to get up midst a tight 4-seater and packed aisle to get my monthly pass out.

I mean really? She wasn’t even nice about it, and quite honestly, I can guarantee 95-98% of everyone on that train has a monthly to GCT, why even bother! Cut everyone a break since YOU screwed up and all, and maybe just walk up the aisles smiling at people and apologizing.

And just when we all thought we were home free, it then took about 10 minutes to get from the platform into GCT upper-level, and I was only 3 cars in!

Note all the heads looking down in dismay. Absolutely insane.


Alex Suazo


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