Bring Your Base Coat

At Dominican hair salons (if/when I go- because honestly- I do my hair myself most of the time,) I’m constantly seeing women bring their own shampoo/conditioners; and I’ve always thought,

“Well why are they doing that when the salon uses great shampoos and conditioners?!”

Truth is, if it’s not a 3+ star salon, they’re probably using $1 store products and refilling the couple of expensive bottles they bought once. Don’t be nieve and assume it’s only places like BeWeave Hair Salon either– businesses can be deceiving ladies! They haven’t all been whipped into shape by Tabatha.

Therefore, if your locks have been pampered with luxurious products, you should bring your own stuff, why not.

On the same thought-train: nail salons. Granted us ladies know our Essie & OPI lacquers; not sure that it’s as easy to pour nail polish from bottle to bottle. What we do know is that nail salons can get some acetone in those bottles to thin them, hence the better mani from Cindy than with the bottle of the same color when you do your own mani Salon de Casa.

Ever notice what your base or top coat is? If it’s not Essie or OPI, you probably haven’t a clue. And guess what, if you want to keep that mani a few days longer you should be applying good top AND base coat (for nail hardening and growth.)

So ladies….Bring Your Base Coat, at least. I brought my garlic nail hardener  this past Sunday to a crazy affordable mani/pedi sesh, and while I’m usually chipped by Wednesday—I’m still perfectly polished!

Nail lacquer: Essie’s Go Overboard

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