Food for Thought: Heavy Mobile Data Users

As much as I love Social and Digital media… I can be slow to evolving to the changes. We all know I’m still #teamblackberry; that in itself speaks volumes.

(old photo, but no better in terms of phone)

However, I think it allows me to see the changes and how they affect consumers from an outside lens before making MY purchase decisions; 1UP!  For example: I stumbled on an article via @BXChen (NYTimes Business) “A Squeeze on Smartphones” …good read. Basically, lots of “heavy [mobile data] users” are getting slower Internet transfer speeds…did you know that?

“Some of the nation’s largest wireless phone companies are getting around those plans by slowing down a smartphone’s Internet transfer speeds for heavy users. The practice serves as a backdoor limit of data by making some downloads impossible.” #dbags

Are you a “heavy user”? I know I would be considered one! Pretty sure Blackberry isn’t doing this to me, but if/when I make the switch, I’ll be ahead of the curve by having read this!

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