I’m a Natural…Boxer

I’m a natural at lots of things, i.e talking/socializing, tweeting/blogging, making people laugh, sarcasm, persuasion, organization etc., but who’d-a thought I’d be good at boxing? Turns out I’m pretty angry and strong, and decent with the 1- 2- 1- 2- attack-attack!

A lovely coworker recommended I go with her to check out this boxing/MMA gym in Edgewater, NJ (now on my way home from work,) called “The Jim“. So I went tonight because as we know… I’ve been trying to finish my weight loss for good…cue @VictorBoxing and @thejim_ folks… what a WORKOUT! These guys are sweethearts, kick your butt, and aren’t pushy about getting a membership; perfection!

I’m deliberating whether to cancel my NYSC to get a membership here because I want to do it everyday. It seems as exciting, anger-releasing, and cardio-crazy as I’d always thought it’d be! PLUS I would finally buy my Pink Everlast gloves I’ve been swooning over for years.

Check them out and keep up with me as I’ll obviously be blogging through my workouts there if I decide to join. Can you say, “beach bod/don’t mess with me on the street because I will ATTACK ATTACK” :)? I can, and this motivational reply from Victor and The Jim serves for even more motivation!

p.s how great is their logo? Awesome branding potential, really…

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