Things I Worry About

Girl Contrary asked, I deliver. Here are just a few of the things I worry about. “I’m the girl who worries about things like….”

Whether anyone is watching me talking or singing by myself in the car on my hour commute. I figure if they had the chance to ask, I’d convince them that because I have headphones on, I’m having a heated phone conversation.

That “A” from Pretty Little Liars, or an evil vampire, may come get me in my sleep. So I sleep completing tucked in. No limb loose. And have OCD about both locks on the front door being locked.

Getting stuck in an elevator. Mostly because there’s that chance that when the power is back up, or the problem fixed, it’s going to plummet and crash into the basement.

That the Essie or OPI color I chose for my mani, won’t look right on me. I’m just the type that won’t ask “Cindy” to remove it for another color.

That I won’t find love like Edward and Bella’s. yeah know? To be someone’s “only love” must be pretty wonderful.

–  A lot of actual real-life stuff that I’d hate to bore you with.
i.e. getting old. today, I am 25.

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