Mindy & Me: Duante Diallo

As promised, today kicks off my week of “Mindy & Me”, a collection of concerns/happenings that Mindy Kaling and I have in common based on her book, “Is Everyone Handing Out Without Me (and other concerns)“. (I secretly hope she reads one of these, and/or any other posts on my blog, so she can see how similarly we rant; that means, tweet and share this collection this week as much as possible friends, thanks!) So we kick off with Mindy’s short story about Duante Diallo; the asshole that made her formative years in middle school awful. Surprise surprise, I had one of … Continue reading Mindy & Me: Duante Diallo

Froid, Frio, Freddo

Froid (French) Frio (Spanish) Freddo (Italian) I thought that maybe saying “cold” in other languages might make me feel less abused by the unbearable winds that slapped me unapologetically across the face this morning. I was wrong. It still feels just as cold as it did this morning and I’m frustrated. What is with this weather? I mean, I really am one of Winters’ biggest fans. But, like, this is getting a bit excessive and quite uncomfortable. It’s sad. I mean, look at that selfie above. I look like Jon Snow, in The North, in the snow. Stay warm friends. It will … Continue reading Froid, Frio, Freddo

George Clooney

I haven’t felt inspired to write anything as of late out of pure exhaustion and lack of time, until this morning…when I saw the cover of the Esquire December 2013 issue. George Clooney is timeless. Look at this man. After stumbling on this cover, I was immediately inspired to Google image him in his glory and compile images for you. I mean… who ages so graciously? He may not be everyone’s cup-of-tea, but he’s def mine. And I know, I know, “he’s old!” But come on ladies. This man is more handsome than most “men” our age. Let’s take a … Continue reading George Clooney

I Broke Tears for Breaking Bad

You know a show is well done when you’ve never watched an episode and you manage to cry during the series finale. Last night, after I watched the Jets lose to the Titans and the movie Couples Retreat, my sister told me that she’d be changing the channel to AMC by 9PM to watch it. Since I do not have a lounge chair or desk in my room yet to do my school work, I was forced to hang in the living room and watch; I need to start this bedroom makeover STAT. I was immediately completely intrigued. I closed my laptop, because … Continue reading I Broke Tears for Breaking Bad

Listen Up Magazines

Dear ELLE/Hearst specifically, This isn’t the first time you do this to me, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but I need to vent. I know sales are ROUGH but you shouldn’t be assuming that because I click-through from your email marketing, and sign up for a giveaway, that I want to subscribe to the magazine. Nor should you be auto-filling check boxes to trick me into subscribing. Subsequently, you send me one issue by mail and contact me weekly about owing you $10 for x quantity of issues? It’s dishonest and annoying. Every time this happens I … Continue reading Listen Up Magazines

Make August Count

Gone are the days of doing nothing from 6PM until bedtime, i.e. my life for the past few months. My awesome weight loss results feel like eons ago and the pounds I’ve gained back are haunting me everyday. I’m dedicating August, AKA “last-month-of-free-happy-life-because-I-start-my-Masters-in-September,” to getting off as much of the 30 lbs I put back on… off. I’m hoping a double-punch of daily bootcamp and a strict meal plan will help me get there. Moreover, stumbling on this GIF this morning was so right, and so inspirational. I’m making August count, big time. Are you? All the while, I rather … Continue reading Make August Count

Comedy & Boat Parties

I guess I should be joyful that my birthday is this week? Meh, I don’t know. I’m a bit unimpressed with turning one-year-closer-to-30, but I’m going to try to make the best of it. Since my sister’s graduated, come home, and not paid attention to me, I’ve decided to reassess my fun-o-meter because I’m only getting older here and life’s too short. Moreover, I kicked off my birthday week with an awesome weekend full of comedy and a boat party! Firstly, I must recommend Levity Live at the Palisades Mall. Comedian/acquaintance, Mark Demayo, hilarious BTW – def worth seeing, headlined at Levity, … Continue reading Comedy & Boat Parties

JCPenney & Hitler

Did you guys hear about this? This JCPenney billboard in California? Apparently everyone driving by it thinks it has a “striking resemblance with Adolf Hitler.” It honestly took me a while to really see it, and now that I do… I can see why people would think that. But Jesus, talk about beating a dead horse. Poor JCPenney is already struggling so much with their consumers. Why punish them for a design resemblance that’s a real STRETCH of the imagination to begin with? I agree, maybe not the smartest product to feature on a gargantuan billboard, but why don’t we … Continue reading JCPenney & Hitler