Currently Obsessed With

Just a new little feature on Suazmo, things I’m currently obsessed with. Quick easy way to know what’s cookin’, what you should be watching, feasting your eyes over, and obsessing about with me. Thanks to @EmboSlice via SleepEatGymRepeat! for the idea!

1. “Fabulous Flashback: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen for Badgley Mischka.” – via @BadgleyMischka. Remember when I went to Fashion Week with Badgley?

2. Awesome blog that’s gone viral using the priceless and timeless expression of American gymnast @McKaylaMaroney after failing to win the gold in the vaulting event. – thanks to @lchecks for the intro.

3. Kevin Hart‘s hosting the MTV VMA‘s and he wants to introduce the world to the new IT couple… “KevYeKim” or “YeKevKim” or “YeKimKev” whatever works for KimYe.
Watch the promo video, it’s pretty funny.

4. For the fans of the hysterical “Ermaherg” meme’s, @JMillerDesign has brought you an ermahgerd translator… guaranteed daily funnies and a must-bookmark. – thanks to @laurak11 for the intro.

5. Girl On the Contrary’s Saved by the Bell episode synopsis re-writes, must-read and subscribe! She tweets too! Must-follow: @Girlcontrary.

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