Running’s Really Hard

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2 years or, if you’ve … you know, had a life and not been reading my blog, I lost about 74lbs as of December 2010, and wow what a life change. It was hard, and hell, I felt like quitting at least once a week, but I knew it was completely mandatory for me to live a long(er) healthy, happy life.

So since December 2011, I’ve definitely fallen off the wagon. Not that I’ve gained it back or anything, but I fell off my regimen without ever having reached my goal weight…so I guess I unconsciously quit; sneaky little conscious you. I really didn’t mean to.

Now I just feel the pudge slightly coming back, it’s incredible how fat can come and go, but F that nonsense, I want to get it off for good and maintain.

Guilty? No, not so much. Why? Well because weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is just that… a LIFEstyle. It’s a day-to-day approach. I don’t want to be that hoolahoop dieter. I got my 74 off all-healthy and I’m taking a stand to look my best, reach the goal body I’ve always wished and envisioned, no matter how long it takes.

Moreover, I’ve caught the running bug as my jump start back into the game thanks to inspiration via @thekaitmc and her blog befiercefitfab.

I went Monday night, and this morning and holy bajesus I struggled.

Running is hard. Should I like, pray for a little endurance and less wheezing?

Joking. I know I have to push myself, and thanks to the @mapmyrun app, I plan on doing just that by running longer and at a more consistence cadence everyday.

In related news, how about Gaga’s “Body Revolution“?

The woman can do no wrong. Although I seem a little hypocritical because she’s preaching bravery and instead of posting a pic of my chub I’m vowing to get rid of it. I’m past the point of insecurity though, so it’s ok. I think it’s fantastic and incredibly inspiring for everyone in the shoes I was in before the weight loss, or even worse; that was insecurity.

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