My First Giveaway: Winner and What I Learned

Congrats to little Miss @FannyBanany, the random follower chosen of the 4 that RT’d to enter the giveaway! Thanks girl, and I hope you enjoy your Starbucks card and @EatWhatever!

What I learned from my first giveaway?

1. Try and see the future. If a huge power-outing-wifi-stealing-heat-hoarding Hurricane is about to hit your neck of the woods… plan our giveaway for weeks before and/or after.

2. Have a schedule for promoting the giveaway and don’t let ANYTHING get in your way i.e. work. SCHEDULE your posts so you cannot fail your plan.

3. Make sure your co-giveaway swag is on board to promote as well

4. Make your video quicker and to the point, with an easier “entry” process for followers

That being said, I still have lots of EatWhatever packs left, so, for fun… I’ll give them away to friends and followers that comment on this post! Get to it, first come first serve!

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