Currently Obsessed With

Know what’s cookin’, what you should be watching, reading, feasting your eyes over, and obsessing about with Suazmo!

1. The Beacon Theatre. See a show there, a cheap one, even just from the balcony. I just want you sit there and take it all in; the architecture and grandeur wall adornment. Also, since I was there last night for the wfuv Holiday Cheer concert, do yourself a favor and check out Lake Street Dive, fantastic opening band.BeaconTheatre  2. Nashville: the show on ABC. I’m not sure why I love it so, could be any of the following reasons:

– my new found love for country
– my love for southerners in general
– whether I want to kill or hug Hayden Panettiere’s character during any given episode
– how bad ass Connie Britton’s character is
– the fact that Clare Bowen’s voice is so annoying that I’m almost expecting it to change next time I watch it

Either way, you should watch an episode, at least one.

3. Instagram Web Profiles – I didn’t want to obsess too soon because the feature was rolled out slowly for users, but I kind of love the layout, and the fact that you now have an online, non-iphone way to view all your instagrammer mammer-jammers is pretty cool.Instagram_Webprofile

4. Moreover, this College Humor Original “Look at this Instagram” Nickelback Parody.
Click to watch.LookATThisInstagram
Fauxfur5. My faux fur vest and how many compliments I got when I wore it.
I felt trendy, but not over-dressed, and cute but not too cute-sy. NOTE: please don’t make the mistake of wearing it as your only “warmth” – they aren’t meant to keep you warm, because most aren’t also lined with fur.

Need one for under $50? Mine is from H&M – can’t find it online but it was about $30. JCPenney also has some great options like this one by CoffeeShop on sale now for $42.

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