The New Cube: When to Post Up Your Own Goodies

November 30th was one of the saddest days of my career to-date, leaving MWW Group and all the new friends I made there. I said goodbye to one year of learning the PR world and New Business Development in-and-out, great relationship building, professionally and on friendship level, for a new opportunity at Fairway Market. A bittersweet move but professionally I know it is a big step forward for me, therefore I must push the sadness aside, and conquer this new job just as I had at MWW.

First Day Jitters

It was much like the first day at a new school; optimistic but so nervous. Will the larger team like me? Will I work well with them? What will I do the first day? What to wear? What time to leave? All these questions, and then some, swam through my head on my much-shortened commute to Fairway on 125th Street Monday morning. To my surprise, the jitters were unnecessary, it was a very smooth transition, and being that I’m the only uppity-happy female on my team, I was welcomed with open arms!

Now the question is…

When do I decorate my cube? The Suazification if-you-will? The photos of my loves from MWW, mom and sister, and my little trinkets to make me feel at home, at work? I’m thinking week 2? Or is that still too soon?
I don’t want the guys to laugh at me… but do I really care? I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “didn’t you go through this at MWW?” Well here’s the difference… I didn’t have a collection of photos and things to put on display then, only with time was I able to decorate, and show it love. But now I have a bag of stuff!

And on a similar note, as if this decorating business isn’t intense enough, how do I get more people to stop by?! Straight from the wisest @jperri13, kill ‘um with chocolate and candy, “it’s not about what you like, but about having top quality and high-demand candy. Also, having a variety is a good call.”

Guess I need to go out and get some high demand candy…this all looks pretty “high demand” right?


How long did you wait, or would you wait, to decorate your cube?


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