Merry Christmas My Little Elves

And on this 25th day of December, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

I hope your life is full of love and happiness, and that you’re spending these holidays with the ones you love most. Hold them tight and tell them how much they mean to you every day.
If you’ve been following Suazmo’s 7 Days of Christmas, you’ll know today is the last day.

I leave you one more gift… “Elf Yourself”.

Yeah, I’m late, and my 8 year old cousin put me onto it last night, but this free iOS app is simply fantastic.

Brought to you by OfficeMax, the app allows you to upload photos of yourself and 4 other “elves”, alla JibJab, to generate an awesome video of you and your elves dancing with uncanny ability to great beats. If you haven’t already downloaded it, you are wasting time.

I mean… look:

If that’s not convincing I’m not sure what is. Go download and have fun, and Merry Christmas… again!

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