UK Week: NYE 2012/13

Because I failed you all on my last trip to the UK, this time I’m making sure to write all about it. So I bring you UK Week, a post each day this week highlighting my most exciting moments starting with New Years Eve.

What a show. If there’s anything you actually read and act-on on my entire blog, it should be this… find a way to celebrate New Years in London so you can witness the most spectacular fireworks show ever. Note: I haven’t seen many, but really, WOW.


Nothing like NYC in that you need not camp out overnight for a good view — sober. We girls spent the afternoon in Notting Hill and headed over to the Westminster area (Big Ben – Embankment) around 7PM. Upon exiting the underground we followed the masses straight into the Tesco Express; silly girls, we hadn’t thought of alcoholic beverages!

A quick check-out of a bottle of bubbly, 4 packs of Foster’s and Peanuts, lead us straight through to the highly guarded entrances.

By 7:30 PM we had some of the best seats (area/ground rather) in the house, right in front of the London Eye. Earlier that day, I had read lots of mixed reviews about the experience including:

  1. use of a toilet
  2. drunks all over
  3. non-impressive/short fireworks show
  4. post-show and leaving the area/getting to an open underground to get home

1 and 4 were the most spot on and took a lot of patience to deal with, but the IMPRESSIVE and not-short (10-11 minutes) fireworks show negated the toilet and exit problems.

It was worth every minute of the 40 minutes I spent online for the porter potty, and 2.75 hours we spent getting to the underground/getting home because those fireworks and the experience as a whole are unforgettable.

mom, sister and I

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