UK Week: Join Me for Tea

My first proper high tea and I’m all Alice in Wonderland about it.

“It’s always tea-time.”
― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland

A trip to Windsor opened my eyes to yet another Royal town in England of Queen Elizabeth’s, home to a little two-floor crooked house called “The Crooked House of Windsor” where people from all over the world enjoy high tea. And yes, it’s actually slanted, like…very slanted. So much so that it’s one of Popular Mechanics’ ‘World’s 18 Strangest Houses‘.


Background: Construction of this house dates back to 1592, but it didn’t acquire its trademark slant until 1718, when the structure was rebuilt using unseasoned green oak.

Why It’s Unique: Sure it’s slanted, but what really makes the house stand out is that its basement had a secret passage to Windsor Castle, one of the official residences of the UK’s royal family. According to the house’s website, the passage was allegedly used for trysts between King Charles and a mistress, as well as for running supplies to the castle’s kitchen. The passageway has since been sealed off. Through the centuries, the crooked house has been the home to various businesses, including a brewery and jewelry shop. It is now a restaurant.

An apprehensive walk up rickety stairs lead us to an equally as rickety little wooden table. Very simple and antiquated we reviewed the laundry list of teas. Choosing the only thing familiar to me, English Breakfast tea and to eat we shared The Duchess of Bedford and The Earl of Sandwich.


Delicious bites and three cups of tea later I was sold. While I’m obviously no tea connoisseur, I’m all for some high tea now. A little kettle, tea sandwiches and pastries, why not? Join me for tea in NYC sometime?

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