iPhone Cases are Annoying – Except this One

How annoyed are you by chicks, or confident dudes, that walk around with iPhone cases like this:


I just want to understand what the point is. Solely because they’re cute?

I mean they look obstructive to me and as previously mentioned… annoying. There are some really creative, artsy, unique and individual flat cases out there people, why must we always go the extra mile into this exaggerated, embellished, exhausting world of more.

Doesn’t anyone agree that less is more? I mean look at all these pretty options, creative and realistic looking cases; I’m even OK with small embellishment to a case like this,  but these ridiculous cases are honestly such an eyesore.

Anyone agree? Disagree? Comment below!

All the while, I will keep my options open, because if there happened to be a case that also happened to be FUNCTIONAL, I would consider buying it.

Enter iWhale, and thank you Mashable for the intro.

Simple, clean, and (if it’s going to be exaggerated with ears or tails) functional; that’s my kind of iPhone case.

“…designer Seyook Lee [says the case] ‘mimics the silhouette of a whale coming to the water’s surface to breathe,’ according to Yanko Design.

The case’s curved tail allows users to prop up or hang the phone for video-viewing, while its humped back makes the phone easier to hold. There’s also space inside to store headphones and other accessories. And to top it all off, the whale’s blowhole is a headphone jack.”


Check them out on the website; they’re even reasonably priced at $23.90 USD!
What do you think of the iWhale? Functional? Would you buy it?


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